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Ahren is the Atarlie-Elven name for the world that hosts Wisteria, presumably alongside a number of other continents. It is a largely-temperate, oceanic world, constituting both a planet around a singular sun and the Prime Material Plane of the universe in which it resides.

The land of Ahren experiences days consisting of precisely 24 hours, and a regular rotation of seasons ensures a 365 day solar year. Wisteria's position upon Ahren is such that the whole continent experiences seasonal shifts more or less in tandem, though these seasonal variances are more mild to the continent's south, suggesting it is on its planet's northern hemisphere.

It is the leading theory of astronomers in Ahren that the planet is spherical, and that wobble as it rotates is responsible for seasonal shift, as well as some changes to the stars that orbit it. This theory is contested among certain mages' colleges, who instead offer up "planar drift" as an explanation for seasonal variations in day length and temperature, and speculate a flat Ahren - it is among these circles where debate rages between a "Great Boundry" at the world's edge that prevents the oceans from overflowing from it, or a rarer and more convoluted Great Correspondence model, which involves the use of a toroidial gate of fantastic ancientness and power, linking any point along its circumference to the opposite point, causing the illusion of a round planet.