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Welcome to the Archivum Wisteria

The Archivum Wisteria is the official repository of all information pertaining to the Wisteria TTRPG Setting. Wisteria is a Fantasy-Realism setting suitable for use with most common medieval fantasy TTRPG engines, principally developed for the TarnishedTale Ruleset and Pathfinder 1st Edition, with ongoing work to update that to Second Edition. Except as noted, most races, equipment, and items referenced for the setting should use your system's defaults; this setting material is largely concerned with flavour and worldbuilding rather than designing engines from whole cloth.

Wisteria is also the name of the principal continent in the setting's material world, Ahren, which is the focused area of worldbuilding and the point of origin for most of the "core" playable races and cultures in the system, which features a focus on nations as opposed to races, whether focusing on the hearty and faithful citizens of Bastonia, the haughty citizens and serfs of the Atarlie Empire, humble folk of the Hearthlands, the proud dwarven Clans of Magnus, or the more wild folk such as the raven-herding Carcolie Wood-Elves, or any of a number of other wild kin in the confederate nations of the Lordless Lands. The setting even offers a higher-magic region to be found in the disaster-wracked Shimmering Shores, where the cities of a proud and ecumenical empire now struggle against their very environs and each other for survival.