Orcish Pantheon

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The Orcish Pantheon is a catch-all collection for the cults and churches of various dieties revered by the Orcs. While all these gods are recognized in divinity by the Orcish Nation as a whole, each god has its own strictures and religion for their followers, and some gods are held in more or less esteem. As a great many of these dieties are believed to be Ascended or Awakened former orcs, most of these beliefs are also married to a form of ancestor worship, of which recognition of the diety themselves is often an excencion.

Unlike in the Atarlie Empire or Bastonia, the Orcish Nation has not collectively outlawed the worship of any of their dieities. Each orcish tribe and community have their own alignment, which may or may not preclude the open worship of contra-aligned deities from this or any other pantheon. Additionally, even in communities where the more evil-aligned dieties are centered, many evil actions remain illegal as a point of the common code of ethics and honour that binds the Orcish Nation together.

The Pantheon does not have a truly unified teaching on life or death, though the Orcish Nation has reached some general consensus on those topics. Individual orcish dieties promise different afterlives, on all four of the Four Dogmatic Planes, in the Ethereal Plane, or even the Bardo. The central collective lesson of the Pantheon is that great deeds in life (be they foul or fair) and the worship of your descendants may lead to your own ascension into godhood.

Pantheon at a Glance

Dieties of the Orcish Pantheon
Name Portfolio Worshippers Domains Alignment
The Fire-Keeper Orc-Kind, the Nation, the Good of All Things Widespread, Healers, Leaders Community, Healing, Nobility, Protection NG
Borba Wise-Eyes The Future, Wisdom Seers, Leaders, Many Mothers Good, Knowledge, Law, Weather LG
Buggug Angel-Slayer Monster-Hunts, Pursuit of Divinity Hunters, Mercenaries, Bandits Evil, Destruction, Glory, Strength LE
Xuthakug Three-Eyes Self-Improvement, Balance, Awakening Monks, Athletes Knowledge, Nobility, Liberation, Strength TN
Gul Spell-Speaker The Arcane, Outsiders, Pursuit of Secrets Spellcasters, Warlocks Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Magic CN
Lum Spear-Breaker Defense of the Nation Soldiers, Architects Glory, Liberation, Protection, Strength CG
Kodo the Devourer Disease, Famine, Plague, War among the Nation Some Warlords, Rogue Druids Chaos, Destruction, Erosion, Madness CE
Ogharod the Conqueror Punishment, Corruption, Oppression Some Leaders, Assassins, Cultists Evil, Darkness, Death, Strength NE