Orcish Shamanism

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Orcish Shamanism is the formalized name for the traditions of arcane magic as practiced by the Orcs, as opposed to other schools of thought, such as Ars Magica. As with the Secrets of Nature school taught in the Confederacy of Sages, Orcish Shamanism blurs the line somewhat between arcane and divine magic, teaching that the four essential elements - Earth, Air, Water, and Fire - originate in The Spirit World and that intermediary spirits such as Elementals can be bargained with to gain invocative power over the elements.

Apart from recognizing fewer elements, Orcish Shamanism differs from Ars Magica in that there is a much higher focus on conjuration and evocation, and that little distinction is seen between divine magic and arcane magic - a sorcerer, cleric, and a wizard are all equally likely to practice Orcish Shamanism. Many shamans take levels in both arcane and divine spellcasting classes as a result. It also differs greatly from the Way of the Elements school in that less effort is expended on improving ones own mastery of the arcane, instead, the focus is on learning the correct methods to invoke the right spirits to increase one's arcane potential.

Gul Spell-Speaker, the orcish god of arcane magic, was a practitioner of both Orcish Shamanism and Ars Magica, as his writings, the Baghar Testaments demonstrate.