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Wisteria is the name of the principal continent of the world of Ahren, which takes its name from the direct Bastonian translation of the name in the precursor to the current tongue of the Atarlie Empire - helilokte. The continent is home to a diverse array of mortal and semi-mortal races, and predominantly temperate in climate, though the Shimmering Shores tend closer toward Warm.

The geography of the continent is such that it is bounded by water on all sides. Its southern region is made up entirely of the Shimmering Shores and the highlands immediately "behind" those shores. It's northern reach is divided strongly into a western zone - consisting of Bastonia and the Lordless Lands - and an eastern zone - conisisting of the Atarlie Empire and the encircled Hearthlands - by the Atlas Mountains, which are home to their own nations as well.