Bastonian Pantheon

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The Bastonian Pantheon is a form of hierarchical polytheism, centered around an almighty creator diety and her retinue of Saints, who are held to be ancient though once-mortal (indeed, once-human) beings ascended to godhood by their good works and the grace of The Almighty, or through evil deeds and brokering deals with The Enemy. While all Bastonians recognize the primacy of The Almighty and the legitimacy of all the saints, few worship the Saints especially, except those in orders dedicated to those saints, and the religious who find their patronage among one saint in particular. In addition to any observances particular to a given patron saint, refer to The Almighty for an analysis of religious practices common to the whole Kingdom.

The evil dieties within the pantheon are not worshipped openly, and in addition evil Bastonians occasionally take patronage from the evil gods of other pantheons, or from the Princes of Hell or Lords of the Abyss.

The Pantheon teaches that those who are good in life and follow the strictures of the divine teachings of The Almighty and the examples of The Saints will find a place in Heaven, whereas those who ally with the Enemy or make themselves unworthy through evil deeds will be cast into Hell, even if their deeds are not so meritorious or diabolical to make them Saints in their own right.

Pantheon at a Glance

Dieties of the Bastonian Pantheon
Name Portfolio Worshippers Domains Alignment
The Almighty Rulership, Valor, Justice, Family Universal Good, Glory, Liberation, Nobility NG
San Lauren Nature, Animals, Harvest, Community Farmers, Hunters, Survivalists Animal, Community, Plant, Weather TN
San Sylvester The Arcane, Fate, Fortune, Chance Mages, Scholars, Fortune-Tellers Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Rune CG
San Marino The Seas, Weather, Commerce, Fishing Sailors, Fishermen, Merchants Charm, Law, Travel, Water, Weather LN
San Hera Families, Healing, Hearths, Love Homemakers, Innkeepers, Villages Good, Fire, Healing, Protection LG
San Lukas Defense, Just Causes, Athletics Knights, Paladins, Sportsmen Glory, Protection, Strength, War LG
San Heather Construction, Craftsmanship, Cities Architects, Craftsmen, Laborours Artifice, Earth, Law, Protection LN
San Elijah War, The military Soldiers, Mercenaries, Rogues, Bandits Death, Glory, Strength, War CN
San Meteo Punishment, Corruption, Oppression Judges, Noblemen, Plutocrats Charm, Evil, Law, Trickery LE
San Verus Madness, Chaos, Insurrection, Disease Cultists Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Void CE
The Enemy Ill luck, Opposition, Famine Cultists, Warlocks, Necromancers Darkness, Death, Evil, TE