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"It is always possible the records are incomplete."

- Proverb of the Azurejays, Scholar-Knights of San Sylvester

This article is incomplete and will require additional work.

Hell is one of the Four Dogmatic Planes of Wisterian Cosmology, a distinction shared with Elysium, Heaven, and The Abyss. As a dogmatic plane, it is strongly linked to the concepts of Law and Evil, and is the final resting place for inauspicious deaths under the belief systems of the Bastonian Pantheon. As is the case with Ahren and virtually every other plane, the true origins of Hell are lost to mortal memory and the subject of frequent debate. Even the abmortal Devils who call the plane home are unsure when their world was founded or whether the claim it is a creation of the Enemy is entirely true.

The land of Hell is argent, stark, and usually overheated. An infernal world riven with volcanism and tiered in ways that defy physics, it claims the light of no sun and is lit only by the glow of the cities that dot it and the magma-falls from tier to tier. While most of the tiers are ruled by their own devil diety from the Princes of Hell, the uppermost tier, referred to as infernatus, is home to two realms known as the Highest Seat and the Infernal City

The Infernal City

The Infernal City is a realm near to Ahren and occasionally reachable by wild portal, through which many recently dead souls occasionally must transit as they are judged for their lives and sent to the appropriate tier of hell to live out their (often eternal) punishments. It is overseen by San Meteo, of the Bastonian Pantheon, who takes his role as the Judge of the Damned seriously and holds the office jealously.

Gods Inhabitant

  • the Enemy supposedly created The Gates of Hell, a central feature of the city through which newly-dead souls arrive on the plane;
  • San Meteo is usually credited with codifying the laws of the city that surrounds the gate and brokering the deals with the Princes of Hell that turned the city into the hub that it is.

The Highest Seat

The highest seat is a fortified mountain fortress, looming over The Infernal City, which is the home of the Enemy and the position from which the glorious dead of his church on Ahren are said to serve and worship him in the afterlife.

Gods Inhabitant

  • The Enemy is said to have created the temple complex and its eponymous throne, and rules eternal over all of evil from that location.