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"It is always possible the records are incomplete."

- Proverb of the Azurejays, Scholar-Knights of San Sylvester

This article is incomplete and will require additional work.

Heaven is one of the Four Dogmatic Planes of Wisterian Cosmology, a distinction shared with Elysium, Hell, and The Abyss. As a dogmatic plane, it is strongly linked to the concepts of Law and Good, and is the final resting place for auspicious deaths under the belief systems of the Bastonian Pantheon. As is the case with Ahren and virtually every other plane, the true origins of Heaven are lost to mortal memory and the subject of frequent debate. Even the abmortal Archons and Angels who call the plane home are unsure when their world was founded or whether the claim it is a creation of the Almighty is entirely true.

The land of heaven is argent, stark, and always temperate. A clouded and tiered world, it is chiefly settled in templelike constructs of marble or white granite. Here the sun never sets and the clouds never break; it is never strongly windy except by the force of magic, and things are done in an ordered and structured way

The Bastion of Heaven

The 'Bastion of Heaven is a realm within heaven, located at the plane's axial center and across its highest tier. The Bastion, a fortified zone in its own right, is the seat of The Almighty, where her most devout of followers live out their afterlives, and where the Great Saints occasionally congregate in fellowship of each other or worship of their patron. This is where the angels are said to be created and from which even the most independent of them originated.

Gods Inhabitant

- the Almightycreated the Bastion, and, she claims, all of Heaven. - San Lukas is often called here on official business and holds the title of Celestial Captain-General of the Bastion of Heaven.

Saint's Rest

Saint's Rest is an imposing fortress-temple and fortified city located where Heaven and the Astral Plane have their nearest intersection. It is often the first place visitors to the realm arrive, due to the labors of the Almighty. Occasionally, armies of Archon and Angels are mustered here to lead assaults on Hell or the Abyss.

Gods Inhabitant

- San Lukas holds Saint's Rest as his principal environ and the seat of his authority.

The Highest Hearth

A grand and comfortable home open to any who reach it, the Highest Hearth is a place of rest for many of the meritous faithful of the Bastonian Church, as well as a place of refuge for all manner of other intelligent and soulful beings throughout the multiverse. It was created by the Almighty and entrusted to San Hera as a reward for her service in life.

Gods Inhabitant

- San Hera is the keeper of the hearth and maintains absolute authority over it; it is for all intents and purposes her personal realm as a diety.


The only independent part of Heaven, Archea is a city that is home to the Archons, and many who live there believe it predates the arrival of the Almighty, who has taken over much of the plane.