The Abyss

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"It is always possible the records are incomplete."

- Proverb of the Azurejays, Scholar-Knights of San Sylvester

This article is incomplete and will require additional work.

The Abyss is one of the Four Dogmatic Planes of Wisterian Cosmology, a distinction shared with Heaven, Hell, and Elysium. As a dogmatic plane, it is strongly linked to the concepts of Chaos and Evil, and is the final resting place for inauspicious deaths under the belief systems of the Orcish Pantheon. As is the case with Ahren and virtually every other plane, the true origins of the Abyss are lost to time. No one god or cabal of dieties claims to have created the abyss, though a few call it home.

The abyss is cold, and though it offers no real weather or daylight it is occasionally scoured by windstorms. It undergoes a process similar to other planes known as the Firchliss in which raw primordial chaos bubbles out into it and causes the world to erupt in an unusual maelstrom of arcane energies before restabilizing into some unrecognizable form.

True realms within The Abyss are rare, held stable by the intervention of a local diety or powerful demons known as the Lords of the Abyss

Bosom of Creation

The Bosom of Creation is an Abyssal realm created for (or possibly by) San Verus, a god who is either lost or trapped within it. Arrived at from the exterior it is a manor house of impressive size, however once inside it becomes a tangled maze of increasingly less recognizable passages spanning different architectural styles, occasionally becoming passages of flesh or halls of unworked stone, and otherwise leading the traveller away from the entrance.

Gods Inhabitant

  • San Verus is either the creator or inhabitant of the Bosom of Creation and has become lost within it. He occasionally attempts to drag his followers into the realm in order to help him escape or further some other goal.