High Elven Pantheon

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The High Elven Pantheon is a form of unstructured or pseudostructured polytheism, centered around an almighty progenitor diety and a retinue of divine cousins, some descended from her and others ascended from mortal elves. The elven matron goddess, Pyria Valpetor, is held to be both the mother of many of these deities and the progenitor of the elven species - in common understanding the Atarlie specifically, who hold that all other elves are simply distaff cousins.

While many public holidays center Pyria's worship, most Elves take actual patronage from one specific diety within the pantheon, with the public worship of any of these being nominally legal within the Atarlie Empire - there is no unified church as compared to the contrasting Bastonian Pantheon. This includes the evil dieties on the Pantheon, though most of their public worshippers are basically petitioning for mercy rather than for favour.

The collective belief among followers of dieties within the pantheon is that all elves who die go to Elysium, with only the most wicked among them being turned away from the Cradle of the Wise and instead swallowed up by the Abyss or, in some cases, damned alongside humanity in Hell.

Pantheon at a Glance

Dieties of the Bastonian Pantheon
Name Portfolio Worshippers Domains Alignment
Pyria Valeptor Families, Divinity, Fortune Universal, Mothers of Large Families Community, Protection, Sun, Weather TN
Rophalin Imperitor Royalty, Rulership, Authority, The Empire Officials (Military and Civil), Clerks, Historians Glory, Law, Nobility, Protection LN
Feno Ilirel Medicine, Alchemy, Wellbeing, Births Doctors, Healers, Veterinarians, the Ill Good, Healing, Plant, Magic NG
Navarre Yesbella Liberation, Welfare The Poor, Some Magistrates, Philathropists, Some Thieves Community, Liberation, Luck, Protection CG
Merellien Chaebalar Justice and Just Causes Many Magistrates, Jailors, Paladins Healing, Law, Protection, War LG
Camus Inakas Magic, Scholarship, Exploration, Discovery Mages, Philosophers, Scholars, Adventurers Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Rune CN
Lysanthir Lugolor Death, Final Judgement, Passing of Seasons and the Ending of Days Mortuaries, Necromancers, Assassins, Some Magistrates Darkness, Death, Erosion, Repose LE
Shalaevar Shamaris Disease, Disasters, Crises Assassins, Bandits, the Ill, Some Doctors Destruction, Evil, Ruins, Vermin NE
Hycis Uriris Rebellion, Arcane Disasters, Wild Portals Some Mages, Philosophers, Rebels Air, Chaos, Earth, Fire, Water CE
Immarra Hyacinth Beauty, The Arts, Love Artists, Lovers, Aristocrats Charm, Glory, Good, Plant CG