Convocation of the Sages

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All tribes that make up parts of the Confederacy of Sages recognize an orally-transmitted law known as the Great Law, which is a sort of simple constitution creating a state of alliance between these distinct tribes and certain processes by which to call the leaders (or representatives of those leaders) of the tribes together in an event known as a Convocation of the Sages. These events are called irregularly to help make collective decisions for all of the Sage tribes over matters that affect them completely. Increasingly, this is usually to do with Bastonia expanding their frontier further into the Lordless Lands, or conflict with the increasingly hostile Orcish Nation; historically, these rare events were necessary only to deal with significant wildfires, unseasonable weather leading to food chain failures, and similar disasters.

At such a convocation no one person is considered higher than any other, as no tribe of the confederation is seen as higher or lower than any other, and even representatives sent in the place of a leader otherwise unable or unwilling to attend personally are accorded the respect due that leader, as they were, after all, selected for that role. It is common for these convocations to be called at Star Rock