Star Rock

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Star Rock, sometimes known as the Sages' Observatory, is a prominent location in the geography of the Confederacy of Sages, especially for the Centaur and Cervitaur who worked together to build the henge at the site. A rocky hill amid the plains of the Lordless Lands, the site is occupied by a large stone henge used in the Secrets of Nature to study and make observances of natural celestial phenomena, and for rituals pertaining to druidic practice. While the henge itself is considered sacred ground and the exclusive haunt of the druids, the area is often encamped by one or more Cervitaur or Centaur tribes. Druids of all traditions occasionally make pilgrimage here in order to train with the Star-Counters.


Star Rock itself is a basalt promontory that rises considerably above the level of the prairie that surrounds it. To its southwest is a thick cedar copse which is permanently encamped by druids and where a longhouse is maintained by the Star-Counters. Atop the promontory is a henge properly known as the Sages' Observatory, where various rituals, astronomical research, and astrological observations take place. The area around the copse and the base of the promontory is frequently encamped by cervitaur or centaur tribes that are grazing their herds.


Star Rock is a common meetingplace for roving bands of Centaur and Cervitaur, and is occasionally trafficked by other races such as the Minotaur and Firbolgs as a result of its rare status as a fixed and reliable encampment for those two races. As a result it has a booming economy by the standard of the Lordless Lands and should be treated as a large town. It is commonly trafficked to by the Orcish Nation.


Star Rock is ultimately the province of The Star-Counters; while many who are numbered amongst this highest order of druidic mastery do not reside there permanently, the Counters nonetheless often congregate here for their rituals. The site is also commonly used as the site for the Convocation of the Sages when the Confederacy of Sages requires one. Druids from the Cult of the Stormseers occasionally make the journey from the far north to Star Rock to be in communion with their fellow practitioners of the Secrets of Nature.