The Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth, is a large Minotaur city which occupies a grove hidden deep in the Unspoiled Wood, in the west of the Lordless Lands. It's known for quite a few reasons; both as the origin and racial home of the Minotaur, as well as the largest permanent settlement in the Confederacy of Sages, and possibly the entire Lordless Lands. The Minotaur fiercely defend this city from outsiders, and even other members of the Confederacy of Sages are admitted only grudgingly, as they consider the city both a homeland and holy ground. It is named for its central feature, a large stone labyrinth.


The city surrounds the Unfathomable Lake, a still body of water that lies at the geographic and spiritual centre of both the city and the greater Unspoiled Wood. Druids who practice under the school of the Secrets of Nature will make pilgrimages to the city and brave the hazards of its central Labyrinth in order to make use of the Unfathomable Lake in their rituals of communion with the core spirits of Ahren itself.

Apart from the Labarynth the city contains several concentric and haphazard blocks of residential, mercantile, and military buildings.


As one of only a handful of permanent cities in the Confederacy of Sages, The Labarynth is a prime economic mover for both the Minotaur nation and the entire confederacy, especially since the loss of Southport. While the Minotaur keep several more or less permanent settlements, most funnel their taxes and military levees through the Labyrinth, creating a center of wealth.


The Minotaur consider this place holy and their King rules from the city. Because of the perception of the city's inviolate holiness, however, it is not central to the politics of the confederacy - that honour belongs to Star Rock.