Minotaur War-Codes

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"It is always possible the records are incomplete."

- Proverb of the Azurejays, Scholar-Knights of San Sylvester

This article is incomplete and will require additional work.

The Minotaur War-Codes are formal minotaur philosophies of war, often with a strong organization of adherents, which fill a social and military role similar to the Chivalric Orders of Bastonia.

The major War-Codes are:

  • The Code of the Maze, expert templar who defend the Labyrinth at the heart of the Unspoiled Wood or other prominent places of Minotaur observance.
  • The Code of the Sea are sailors and pirates who specialize in marine operations and warfare. Capable light infantry, Minotaur Knights who adhere to the Code of the Sea occasionally wind up in demand in foreign lands as military advisors.