Kalkin Gol Horde

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The Kalkin Gol Horde is an ancient and long-standing horde of the orcish nation, whose warlords and their administrators have traditionally held court in the city of Kalkin Gol. The Horde is composed of tribes who originally fought under the Great Horde organized by Borba Wise-Eyes to fight off a dwarven column from Khaz Dalarr. While that Great Horde eventually collapsed, several of the tribes in the Great Horde remained loosely organized, eventually growing into a more or less permanent Horde which controls Kalkin Gol and much the rest of the so-called "disputed territory", a portion of the northeastern lordless lands which is either part of the Lordless Lands (if you consult the Orcish Nation) or the Frontier Counties (if you ask Bastonia).