Seer's Rock

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Seer's Rock, is a large village in the disputed portion of the Frontier Counties, a war-torn region under the occupation of Bastonia, which was once part of the Lordless Lands and under the rule of the Orcish Nation. Though under threat of direct occupation by the Bastonians it remains a free orcish settlement, owing in part to the difficulty of approach, the strategic inconsequentiality of the village, and the fierceness of its defenders - the site is considered sacred to followers of Borba Wise-Eyes, one of the gods of the Orcish Pantheon of ascendant heroes.


Seer's rock occupies the top of a mesa of the same name, requiring some expertise - or mechanical or magical assistance - to scale. Because of its elevation, it is considered more or less impossible to attack easily from the ground, though it would in theory be vulnerable to a siege. That said, the settlement itself is small enough - and hard enough to come and go from - that the Bastonians largely leave it be. While the area around Seer's Rock is certainly disputed territory, this is the furthest south that the Bastonians can really claim to control, and so the resources for a full siege are difficult to muster.


Isolated and cut off, Seer's Rock has no true economy to speak of. The citizens of the village make their living through the traditional get-by methods of the orcs, and occasionally accept needed supplies in tribute to allow orcish raiders to use the city as a refuge during their campaigns.

Seer's rock is sacred to the followers of Borba Wise-Eyes and therefore a site of pilgrimage for many orcs. It is also known for its rearing of the tortoises from which Throwing Bones are made.


The village is sacred to Borba Wise-Eyes but is not part of her historic horde. The tribe that remains in control of the city maintains its independence, in part so that it can be seen to be neutral by the humans and hopefully be left alone to continue the traditional orcish life pursued there. At the same time, they give tacit right of way (and occasional, meager support) to the Mighty Northern Horde, a gathering force in orcish politics that is forming in response to the border conflict with Bastonia.