Orcish Horde System

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While one tribe of orcs control their settlement and its immediate environs, it is increasingly the case that settlements will band together, in some cases even forming full cities if such an alliance (termed a horde) survives the test of time. These hordes, traditionally called together for purposes of warfare, increasingly persist generation over generation, leading effectively to the creation of provinces within the Orcish Nation under the control of the leadership of various hordes. Within either ephemeral or semi-permanent Hordes, a convocation of the elders of all tribes represented will appoint a Warlord.

In a time of great crisis, when an external threat, for example, threatens multiple hordes, those hordes, or even the whole nation, can band together as one Great Horde. The heroes of the various hordes (including their Warlords) within the Great Horde will put themselves through a traditional series of trials, including physical, mental, and spiritual exercises. The individual judged to be the winner of each will become the Warlord of the entire Great Horde, while the others who passed the trials satisfactorily will make up their War Council. Such an event is known as a Congress of Shamans and is usually held at the Temple of the First Hearth under the direction of The Firemouths.