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Twowaters, is a small city in extreme south of the Lordless Lands, and the southernmost extent of the influence of the Orcish Nation. It is situated at on a hill, from which the headwaters of the Earth River run (becoming the northern river that bounds the Great Swamp, and just north itself of the shores of the Fire River, which forms the southern bound of the Great Swamp. Twowaters was established by the orcs of the horde of Buggug Angel-Slayer, and while the tribe is now more intermixed, many in the city still worship him.


Twowater's proximity to both of the major waterways in the Lordless Lands is nominally strategic, both militarily and economically. It's position makes it the second closest permanent (and closest open) orcish settlement to Baghar, a city that was once under Orcish control. It is also the closest permanent settlement to the ruins of High Toor and was the jumping off point from which Buggug Angel-Slayer and his horde sacked the city.

The city is home to the only permanent boatyards in the Orcish Nation, producing riverboats and barges which are used to ply the two proximal rivers, and navigable portions of the Great Swamp.


Twowaters does a fantastic trade in exotic animal goods culled and herbs culled from the Great Swamp, which would otherwise not do well in the drier environment of the rest of the Lordless Lands. It is also known as a congregation point for mercenaries of all kinds and is the primary settlement at which orcs trade with the people of the Shimmering Shore, especially Baghar.

The city trades in live beasts as well, as curiosities or tools of warfare. Every year or two, it does a roaring trade in accomodating pilgrims on the road to High Toor who wish to retrace the last mortal march of their patron, Buggug Angel-Slayer.


The village is sacred to the followers of Buggug Angel-Slayer as the last established fort of his that is still under the control of the Orcish Nation. The tribe that rules it is highly mercenary and will favour whatever side will best improve its own position when selecting between hordes to join.