Temple of the First Hearth

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The Temple of the First Hearth is an ancient temple built by the earliest orcs around the site where, it is said, The Fire-Keeper created orc-kind. The temple serves as a central location for mainstream orcish culture, serving as the centre from which the Congress of Shamans is held, if such a body needs to be called. Many orcs will make pilgrimages here over the run of their lives, with some tribes even keeping the location as one of the stops of their multi-year circuits on their nomadic migrations.

It is said that the temple physically overlaps with portions of Bardo, the realm of The Fire-Keeper. The holiest portion of the temple is home to a fire that it is said has been kept burning since it was originally sparked by the Fire-Keeper to warm the souls of her infant creations. This fire plays a part in local religious practice as well as matters of national observation, and occasionally great processions run across the lands of the Orcish Nation, transporting lanterns kindled on the First Hearth to spark the hearths at other holy sites or bring fire for some other special, sacred purpose.