Temple of the Third Eye

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The Temple of the Third Eye is a fortified mountain retreat on Fen Peak, a mountain at the root of the Great Swamp in the southern Lordless Lands, amid its frontier with the Shimmering Shore. The temple is central to the worship of the awakened master of the Orcs, Xuthakug Three-Eyes, said to have been established by him at the direct command of his own gods, Xia Leng and the Awakened One, while he was still a mortal studying the secrets of awakening under their two traditions. While the focus of the temple shifted to the worship of Xuthakug himself after he awakened to divinity, there are signs in the architecture and decor of the temple of this history, and minor shrines within the temple still exist to honour Xia Leng and the Awakened One, along with more traditionally-orcish dieties.

Followers of Xuthakug among the orcs are rare, but do exist. Many make the pilgrimage to the temple in the course of their lives. Just as Xuthakug was adopted by the followers of Xia Leng, the temple is also known for a practice of accepting orphans - of any race - and training them in the Tears of the Third Eye, a unique orcish Way of Blood taught only at this school, which is the only real monastic tradition within the Orcish Nation