The Firemouths

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The Firemouths are rare and elite cleric-oracles of the Fire-Keeper, the central god of the Orcish Pantheon. Never more than a score or so in a generation, Firemouths are identified near birth by the auspices of their birthing and through secret formulae of Orcish Shamanism. Once identified, a firemouth spends the rest of their childhood in training under other Firemouths, eventually coming into communion with their diety, forever changed by the experience - and sometimes dying in the attempt.

While there is some variance among the tribes as to whether the local shaman or the local chief or warlord has precedence in terms of respect, all orcs - even the greatest warlords - bow to Firemouths and will listen to the often-cryptic wisdom they provide. Firemouths have the responsibility to summon a Congress of Shamans and are occasionally called upon to settle disputes between Hordes if war appears to reach stalemate.