Summoner's Rock

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Summoner's Rock, is a large town located on a rocky promontory of the same name in the eastern Lordless Lands, just south of the disputed region under the leadership of the Kalkin Gol Horde. The town is situated around a site where the barrier between worlds - particularly between Ahren and the Astral Plane - is said to be thin. Gul Spell-Speaker spent much of his mortal life studying in summoner's rock and would frequently send his disciples here to train. Since his ascension to godhood a town has sprung up around the location, made up largely of his followers and their families.


Unlike many Orcish communities, Summoner's Rock is not fortified, relying on the relative proximity of the Kalkin Gol Horde's territory for protection. Instead, the town itself is relatively open-planned. It persists year round, housing buildings not commonly seen in settlements of the nation, such as libraries and dedicated alchemical laboratories.

The town is most famous for Summoner's Rock itself, a natural sort of dias of stone at the peak of the promontory the city sits upon. The location is a frequent site for thaumaturgical rituals and the summoning - and sometimes binding - of extraplanar beings. The city also houses a prominent stone temple to Gul Spell-Speaker, one of the few locations where copies of the Baghar Testaments are kept - with the originals still residing in the city of the same name, much to the orcs' chagrin.


Summoner's Rock is relatively prosperous. In addition to the fare of travellers passing through the city to have access to the rock or the libraries within, Summoner's Rock provides a few key exports to the rest of the orcish nation in the form of "properly trained" wizards who go back to their original tribes, as well as followers of the Way of the Consuming Fire, one of the orcish Ways of Blood which is said to have originated in the area.

The city's access to extraplanar patronage occasionally results in other economic boosts or unusual economic activity as the locals trade with denizens of other worlds altogether.


Historically standing aloof of the Kalkin Gol Horde, the tribe in control of Summoner's Rock tends, by its own nature as an amalgum of like-minded orcs rather than direct relatives, to stay as neutral as possible in the politics of the Orcish Nation, avoiding joining any Horde directly, but often supporting materially whatever Horde is operating in its area. It's position near the Atlas Mountains places it under nominal threat of invasion by the Clans of Magnus, but with no business of its own in the mountains, the orcs and dwarves in the area tend to simply give each other a wide birth and keep on the movements of the others.